How To Control ‘Worry’ as An Emotion

The majority of individuals have a wide range of emotions that interact with each other and help determine our moods. This was depicted in a recent movie that was both playful and accurate in its presentation of the effects that emotions have on how decisions are made and how they change throughout the stages of life. Mental health professionals work with people every day that struggle with how to accept and manage these issues and apply a variety of techniques based on the given situation and the individual’s characteristics.

Worry is an emotion that impacts society as a whole but where some individuals are able to control and compartmentalize, there are others that become overwhelmed which can lead to other conditions such as depression and anxiety. This is a well-recognized therapy method that has been used for centuries in different cultures and more formally utilized under the name of ‘mindfulness cognitive’.

This technique can be used in one-on-one sessions or group therapy but it is the intentional focus of attention on what is going on in a present moment including the thoughts, emotions and feelings that are taking place. It is about accepting what is happening and slowing down your internal processes so you can place your energy on the situation and resolve it before moving on.

Mindfulness cognitive therapy shares several characteristics with meditation but is applied in the medical profession in specific ways in order to provide relief from depression, anxiety, stress and various types of addictions. It has been medically proven that ‘worry’ has physical and emotional side effects on the body so when this emotion can be reduced than the associating conditions can be decreased as well. If you suffer from these conditions or know someone who does, it is critical to get help as soon as possible so that the learned professionals can help by providing the right solutions and reduce the struggles. When you are able to share your struggles, focus on the issue and then resolve it there is a sense of peace and confidence that builds in knowing you aren’t alone and can deal with it. This is the purpose of group session therapy and your doctor will know the best methods to use in your situation.

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