Top 6 Tips To Overcome Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety? Does it happen that you sometimes feel trapped and want to run, but cannot? In that case, you might be suffering from a panic attack. The usual symptoms of panic attack might include shaking, perspiring, or having trouble breathing or feeling like choking. In fact, panic attacks are quite scary and might happen anytime and anywhere. However, if you are able to calm yourself during an attack and also make changes to your diet besides seeking expert help, you can get back control.


1. Stay put

It is possible to suffer from a panic attack by seeing a particular person or even by reliving a frightening moment. This might be referred to as triggers. Although, your initial reaction will be to run away, but it’ll be better to remain exactly where you are till the attack goes away.

2. Concentrate on something else

Instead of running away try to calm your body because the attack will eventually pass. Make an attempt to concentrate on non-threatening items such as the hands of a clock or the items displayed in the shop window till the panic finally subsides.

3. Try to breathe slowly

Also, concentrate on your breathing. During a panic attack, it is usual for you to breathe quickly which can make your condition even worse. Always focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Gradually inhale to the count of four and following that exhale slowly. This will make your mind and body relaxed and happy.

4. Challenge the fear but do not combat the attack

Always remember that a panic attack is short-lived. Try to find out what triggered your attack and also remind yourself that slowly it will pass away since your anxiety is not real. Do not let your attack get the better of you.

5. Make some changes in your lifestyle

Perform things that will help to relax your body. Do not over exert yourself. Always learn methods to get rid of anxiety although it might be sometimes a bit tough. Try to do some activities such as massage, aromatherapy: yoga and so on which can help you to ease the tension. Panic attacks in teens are very common nowadays and they should always try to perform activities like painting, playing sports or reading.

6. Get moving

Try to incorporate workouts into your lifestyle particularly the aerobic types. These types of exercises will help your brain to release the hormone known as serotonin which is responsible for making you feel good as well as happy. With the increase in panic attacks in teens at present, they should be encouraged to do workouts like biking, running and swimming. At least a couple of hours of moderate aerobic workouts every week will prove to be beneficial for any individual. Also, it is good to perform some strength training since this will help to tone your muscles and also refresh your mind.

Often we might be suffering from panic attack in teens quicker than we can even realize. Always try to call another person and inform him or her regarding your problem. Panic attacks can be quite serious and if it is so, always seek professional assistance.

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